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Applies to:

 Machine Operators.


It is to provide the systematic procedure on how to operate and wash the milkshake machine.

Policy or Handbook Reference

Refer to owner’s manual.


Prior to use, inspect machine and electrical cords for visible damage.



The main aim of this report is to provide the systematic procedure on how to handle, operate and wash the milkshake machine.

Definitions and term references                                                                              

Agitators - Mixing heads


Completing the work effort for the milkshake machine




Expected Result


Installation and operating guide




Place mixing shaft in unit by tilting the head back and inserting the mixing shaft until it “snaps” into place.




Set Control Switch to O (off).Plug into electrical outlet.



Place ingredients to be mixed in container.




Place container onto Milkshake machine, making certain that container’s top edge is behind container support and container bottom is on container rest.



With mixing shaft “snapped” in place, move Control Switch to desired speed to process. Start with Speed 1(LOW) then increase to Speed 2 (HIGH) if desired.




For hard ice cream or very thick shakes, remove the container from the rest and support. With mixing shaft still submerged in mixture, move the container around for more thorough mixing.




When finished, turn unit to O (off) and tilt head up.





Cleaning guide




Unplug unit. To remove mixing shaft, grasp and pull down to release from head. Wash the mixing shaft in warm, soapy water.




The metal mixing container should be washed in warm, soapy water or in a dishwasher.




To clean milkshake machine, wipe with damp cloth or sponge. Do not use abrasive cleansers of any type.





Troubleshooting guide




  1. Is the power switched OFF? The power should be ON.

  2. Has a circuit tripped out? Re-set/repair as necessary.

  3. Is the 3-pin plugged firmly into the wall socket? Check another appliance such as a toaster or kettle in the same socket.





Safety Instructions




1. Do not immerse the appliance in water or other liquid.

2. Always use the metal container when mixing.

3. Do not lift mixer by the shaft.

4. Always keep a strict hygiene.

5. Always follow the instructions given by the supplier.

6. Replace agitators every 90 days




Expected results

This will keep the milkshake machine in a good condition.