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Applies to:

 Machine Operators.


It is to provide the systematic procedure on how to operate and wash the urn.

Policy or Handbook Reference

Refer to owner’s manual.


Prior to use, inspect urn and electrical cords for visible damages.



The main aim of this report is to provide the systematic procedure on how to handle, operate and wash urn.

Definitions and term references                                                            

Urn – Used for boiling water.


Completing the work effort for the urn




Expected Result


Installation and Operating guide




Fill tank with water to desired level ensuring water level is between the marked “H” (High level) and “L” (Low level) found on the inside of the tank.



Ensure the urn is unplugged from the main supply.




Fit lid properly prior to turning the urn on.




Once the urn has been plugged into the grounded power socket, it is ready to operate.


Pilot light indicates that the urn is switched on.

4 a

Turn control knob to desired position.



Ensure that the main level is maintained at all times.


If it drops below the level “L”, the elements burn out.



Cleaning guide



6 a

Always ensure that the urn is disengaged from the main power supply before cleaning.



6 b

Urn should not be cleaned with a water jet or dipped in water. Use only damp cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water.



6 c

Wipe off the urn with a dry cloth and wait at least 30 minutes before reconnecting to the mains outlet.




Clean, wipe and wrap the urn when done using it.




De-scaling is necessary from time to time due to a buildup of scale.


Failure to de-scale the urn can cause premature failure of the element.



Troubleshooting guide




1. Is the power switched OFF? The power should be ON.

2. Has a circuit tripped out? Re-set/repair as necessary.

3. Is the 3-pin plugged firmly into the wall socket? Check another appliance such as a toaster or kettle in the same socket.





Safety Instructions




1. Always follow the instructions given by the supplier.

2. If the power cable should of any reason be damaged, a skilled technician with sufficient knowledge and skill should immediately replace it.

3. Avoid any damage to the power cable when transporting the soft ice cream machine. Bending the cable may cause a fire. Never place heavy objects on the power cable.

4. Ensure that the fire cord does not encounter hot surfaces.

5. Do not leave unit in operation without an attendant.




Expected results

This will keep the urn in a good condition.