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Applies to:

 Machine Operators.


It is to provide the systematic procedure on how to operate and wash the Till.

Policy or Handbook Reference

Refer to owner’s manual.


Prior to use, inspect Till and electrical cords for visible damages.



The main aim of this report is to provide the systematic procedure on how to handle, operate and wash the Till.

Definitions and term references         

The till – is exclusively intended for use in processing cash register business indoors.

Completing the work effort for the Till




Expected Result


Installation and Operating guide




Install the batteries supplied to ensure that data is retained in the event of a power failure.

  1. Open the printer lid.

  2. Insert the three AA round cell batteries.

  3. Pay attention to the correct polarity of the batteries.

  4. Close the printer lid.



Installing paper roll

  1. Open the printer lid. Insert a paper roll of 57mm width and max. 70mm diameter. Do not use recycled paper because this may cause the printer to wear more quickly.

  2. Feed the end of the paper end, which has been cut straight, into the printer mechanism and press the FEED key until approx. 10cm has been transported.

For calculation mode use, thread the paper strip through the slot in the printer lid and tear off the paper on the lid’s tear off edge. Replace the printer lid.

For journal mode use, thread the paper strip in the paper reel. Replace the printer lid.



Using paper reel

  1. Open the printer lid. Remove the paper reel.

  2. Thread the end of the journal paper roll in the slit on the paper reel.

  3. Place the paper reel into the reel guides provided.

  4. To remove the journal paper after it has been rolled up on the reel; pull the paper reel off the journal paper roll.

  5. Replace the paper reel. Close the printer lid.




For programming refer to appendices below





Cleaning guide




Clean any dust from the cash register by wiping it gently with a dry cloth. Never use water or

solvents such as thinner, spirits, etc.




Troubleshooting guide




  1. Not switching on. Mains supply off,         Switch on power supply





Safety Instructions




  1. Never

• print without any paper installed.

• pull the paper while printer is operating.

• use poor quality paper.

• insert used paper rolls.

  1. Use only batteries of the same type as supplied!  Use of other types may cause malfunction.

  2. Never attempt to repair the ECR yourself. Repairs by authorised service agent only.




Expected results

This will keep the Till in a good condition.