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 Machine Operators.


It is to provide the systematic procedure on how to operate and wash the Euro gas stove

Policy or Handbook Reference

Refer to owner’s manual.


Prior to use, inspect Euro gas stove and electrical cords for visible damages.



The main aim of this report is to provide the systematic procedure on how to handle, operate and wash euro gas stove

Definitions and term references         


Completing the work effort for the Euro Gas stove




Expected Result


Installation and testing guide.




Make 2-3 oz. of leak check solution (one part liquid dishwashing detergent and three parts water).




Apply several drops of solution where hose attaches to regulator.




Apply several drops of solution where regulator connects to cylinder.




Make sure all light valves are OFF.




Turn cylinder valve ON.




If bubbles appear at any connection, there is a leak.

1. Turn cylinder valve OFF.

2. If leak is at hose/regulator connection: tighten connection and perform another leak test. If bubbles continue appearing, the hose should be returned to the place of purchase.

3. If leak is at regulator/cylinder valve connection: disconnect, reconnect, and perform another leak check. If you continue to see bubbles after several attempts, cylinder valve is defective and should be returned to cylinder’s place of purchase.

If NO bubbles appear at any connection, the connections are secure.





Operating guide




Turn the control knob to the “OFF” position.




Fully open cylinder valve.



Auto Flame Ignition - Some models - To ignite any burners simply depress the corresponding control knob and rotate anticlockwise to the high flame position. As the knob is rotated the gas begins to flow and the electrode begins sparking.

Separate Electronic Ignition - Some models - To ignite any burners, press ignition button first (the igniter should begin sparking), then simply depress the corresponding control knob & rotate anti clockwise to high flame position.



In case of ignition malfunction or electricity failure a match can be used to ignite the burners. Strike a match and place it close to the selected burner. Depress the corresponding control knob and turn it anti clockwise to maximum flame.





Operating the gas oven








Remove grill tray. Choose a function using the selector knob. Turn it to the symbol of the cooking function you wish to use. Then rotate the thermostat knob to the desired temperature. Wait until the thermostat indicator light goes off – this indicates that the oven has reached temperature. Then introduce the food to be cooked. Below is a description of each of the functions-




Oven light - the oven light switches on



Defrosting - only the fan operates - defrosting times reduce by approximately 1/3.



Static convection mode - Heat is supplied from above and below using natural convection. The oven must be preheated before food is placed inside. Static convection is ideal for cooking foods that need to be heated steadily internally and externally.



Fan Assist - Top and bottom element operate with the fan operating. This function circulates hot air from the top to the bottom element. Great for large quantities and volume of food such as turkeys, chickens, cakes etc.



Fan Forced - the circular heating element and the fan come into operation and the heat is distributed evenly to all levels of use. Fan mode is ideal for cooking foods that must be well done on the outside and tender or rare on the inside.



Static Grill - Closed door grilling at all times. The infrared element operates. Recommended operation is only for 30 minute periods.



Grill with Fan - the action of the fan combined with the powerful action of the two grill elements is ideal for cooking large pieces of food. Closed door grilling at all times. Great for steaks.




Cleaning guide




Always switch the unit off.




Switch off the gas supply




Gas Burners - All models: The burners can be removed from the cooker and cleaned in hot soapy water.




Knobs and Control Panel - All models: All knobs are removable. Clean behind the knobs and around the control panel to prevent grease and grime build up that can cause jamming of the knobs/gas taps etc.






Troubleshooting guide




1.Not switching on.             Make sure gas supply is on. Turn the On-Off switch to the ON position.

2.Not heating up

The thermostat is in off position.  Turn the thermostat on.

  1. Is the power switched OFF? The power should be ON.

  2. Has a circuit tripped out? Re-set/repair as necessary.

  3. Is the 3-pin plugged firmly into the wall socket? Check another appliance such as a toaster or kettle in the same socket.





Safety Instructions




  1. Switch the unit off when not in use to prevent burns.

  2. Be careful not to touch any hot surfaces. Make sure the power cord does not come in contact with any hot surfaces.

  3. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced with a new cord assembly available from the supplier’s agent.

  4. Take care not to bump or drop the appliance during transportation.

  5. Ensure that the fire cord does not encounter hot surfaces.

  6. Do not leave unit in operation without an attendant.




Expected results

This will keep the euro gas stove in a good condition.